Australian Bush

From the side of the highway two tractors were visible through a sea of burning red noise. Ploughing the land in preparation for the next crop, clumped soil was broken into dust by the industrial steel claws of agriculture machinery. Closer to the barbed wire fence, three piles of waste had been robotically placed; dead grey bark, and other bits of used timber and forged metal scraps. It was dry, and the toyota had been running for three hours since leaving the city. But as good as a crisp iceberg lettuce, the Australian bush is done with sweat on the neck and cracked mud behind the knees.

These photos were taken from around Echuca and the Perricoota State Forest of New South Wales.

Equipment: Mamiya 7ii body / 150mm & 43 mm lenses / Ilford SFX 200 film / Opaque filter

01 - Australian Bush, NSW

02 - Australian Bush, NSW

03 - Australian Bush, NSW

05 - Australian Bush, NSW

06 - Australian Bush, NSW

07 - Australian Bush, NSW

08 - Australian Bush, NSW

09 - Australian Bush, NSW


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