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Dreamers at the velodrome

Dreamers are a group of john lennon fans that are also into sporadic doses of french new wave cinema and I think they may occasionally indulge in some unconscious imagery. We went to the Coburg velodrome to think grand thoughts of our futures in a world constructed to nurture thy artist. Men and their concrete, think of a place where there is shit loads of it, grab as many boys as are in your band plus any other ones lying around, and get there very quickly. Once there, get some sick gravitational pull on those lush curves and start running one down. Hope you like.


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Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders HURTSVILLE Launch with Batrider

The monstrous Jack Ladder and the elegant freak show Kirin J Callinan are a couple of individually fucking awesome musicians. It became apparent a year or two ago that they’d teamed up to form a partnership likewise to that of Nick Cave and Rowland S Howard in The Birthday Party days, with one on songwriting, the other on sound, and the result being a dark cacophony of excellence. A lot of people had been waiting for Jack Ladders third album with this partnership in mind, and Hurtsville is what they brought to Melbourne, played in it’s entirety at the East Brunswick Club. The Sunday night gig goers were happy to stand still and listen to the magnificent baritone of Jack Ladder singing noble breakup tales and songs about a fantasy quest for the unattainable true love.

It was Batrider in support who were great like usual, although I only managed to see half of their set due to some arsehole thinking it would be totally Melbourne to start a gig at 7 o’clock. Still managed to get a few goodies though. Here they are..

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Teenage Mothers tear up Yah Yahs

Teenage Mothers recently set off an avalanche of interest after successfully pissing of a certain celebrity with their song Orlando & Miranda. Mainly due to the fact that they are young and know what the internet is, people started to whisper about this raucous new band the give out free nangs at their show. My experience at one of their June residencies at Yah Yahs saw torn suit jackets, skate shoes, fire crackers, on stage joints, crash dancing and a backflip off the stage all interspersed with a nitrus oxide canister  pumping up balloons that were then handed out mainly to the girl in the long dress at the front who seemed to fucking love nangs. The singer was pretty mashed by the end (and start) so some of the vocal duties were shared by main songwriter and guitarist Raff the greek looking one. Personally I thought the songs were pretty good and perfectly matched by the bands personality, although they did sound a bit too much like Rowland S Howard throughout a lot of it. A pretty good influence to have if you’re going to have one though so whatever. After the recent sold out tour of LA skater rap group OFWGKTA in Australia, I think people are starting to warm to what the skate culture has to offer. We’ll have to see if it’s finally their time. Here are the photos…



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Lakes and Fabulous Diamonds @ The Bella Union

These are some photos I took at the album launch of a band called Lakes, releasing their LP Winter’s Blade at the Bella Union. From what I’ve read and heard live, it should be a really good album but I would never know because it’s on vinyl and it doesn’t happen to be the fucking 1950’s anymore. There are remnants of early Jesus & Mary Chain drumming and vocals that could be compared to the Tibetan Chant doom style of Om, and all over some pretty dark guitar work interspersed with elements of Voice of the Seven Thunders-esque distortion infused folk. Supporting were Melbourne favourites Fabulous Diamonds.



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Wim at the Palace Theatre

It’s not often I get asked to photograph a band at a venue like The Palace, so when I got the call it didn’t take me long to grab my stuff and get down there. I’d seen the video for their single, and I knew that they’d recently been picked up by Modular, but that was about it before this show on Friday night. When frontman Martin Soloman came on minutes after I arrived, he effortlessly began charming the young Melbourne crowd and the band slowly built up to their atmospheric mood pop sound . We won’t mention how the headline act Gypsy & The Cat were an indigestible pile of shit, but without giving too much away it was definitely Wim’s night. Good choice Pav. Here they are at their recent show in Melbourne..




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Dandenong Ranges Weekend

I went out to the Dandenong Ranges a few weekes ago because my friends monty and maddi were housesitting out there. We’re talking end of the Belgrave line and beyond. The Dandenong ranges are practically the same as the Power Rangers. Awesome. The house had fuck loads of bonsais and anyone worth talking to would tell you that bonsais are the best ones when it comes to trees.

I cut up some wood and we had a fire. We drank cocktails and I think mine was the best. That was the general consensus circulating at the time anyway. There were some great french people there too. They were watching Breaking Bad when I got there but then I’m pretty sure we went on an exploration to a garage sale in none too much time after that. I got a wooden box and a candle and a lipstick case for emilia which she absolutely loved. I also got the candle for her but she loved it so much she let me keep it.

We also played golf, and we got an electric buggy and hooned around the course doing good jumps and flips in it. Monty was ok at driving it but without giving too much away I think we all know who the professor was in this little lecture hey monty..

These are the goods..




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Siberian Nights MMC Closing Party

The Melbourne Metal Collective had a killer fun party with free vodka on Saturday and I was asked to take photos for the night with the trusty F3. Everyone got sufficiently drunk sufficiently fast and got their enjoyment levels maxed out.

To call the earthlings from the smoking planet known as outside, The Electric Smile Band played half an hour of mystic what-the-fuck dressed as chinese laundry closets wearing Allstars. The earthlings were called and the karaoke began. It featured members of the Midnight Juggernauts and Children Collide playing a mixture of legendary pop songs. There were B grade celebs galore and I’m pretty sure everyone went home with a smile on their dial and a body full of that vodka that no one can remember the name of..Fucking good night, here I present the photos..




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Brunswick Street Gallery PICTURE THIS exhibition

I was lucky enough to be selected for this years PICTURE THIS competition at the Brunswick Street Gallery. The prize pool is $10,000 and they’ll be announcing the winners and the prizes on the night of the opening. It’s all happening Friday 15th April from 6-8pm right across the tram tracks from Souvlaki King and Bar Open. Technical address 322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. All the good things will be there including good haircuts, beer, little shoes, wine, existential conversation and solid art. If that’s not enough, you’ll get to see this pearler in full flesh and glory…