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Byron Bay

I took an aeroplane to this place and these are the people I saw and the the things I saw.



Emilia and spanaz organising some local sunburn and thinking of coronas and fish and chips. A few days later we sat here and watched a 180KG mum hit the bundies at 10am as topless as the swedish backpackers down the beach. A younger guy walks over to meet her and says “you got your tits out again mum!’ and she replies with the profound explanation ‘it’s a free country isn’t it, that’s why I got my southern cross tattoo’. They were moving on that day. This photo below is taken by Josh Pringle.


J Pringle midway through one of his trademark burritos. Absolute endorsement of ozymex. Word is he even got big MP on them later. MP automatic appreciator. Then we all went to Minyon falls in the Hammer-&-Hand-mobile where we swam the shit out of the base of a waterfall. Then a huge eel came along and some of the others got scared, I stayed calm and built a crossbow which was later used to kill an off-course grizzly bear which was looking for eels so that was a good day.

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Parading and Bum Creek

Melodic dreamdrone masters Parading had their album launch with experimental synth lords Bum Creek supporting. The album’s out through Melbourne based Z-Man Records and the album is fucking good so go get it. It features crowd favourite Where are you taking us with hypnotic baratone vocals effortlessly floating over Pete Bain-esque bass runs.





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Some bands at Old Bar

With the well gelled and the clean shoed, there’s still some godliness left in the Old Bar when you look hard enough. These were a couple of gigs I went to recently that I managed to get a few photos of amongst the swillers and the tippers.

Rentboy; also known as That Guy Dan Cross The Infamous, playing top ten club traxx to all the melancholic heart pluckers in the audience


Back from Japan, Thrall are playing in all the darkest venues that don’t have sleeping neighbours. Black metal, really worth checking out. You can see their video here


Thrall also


Boxing Day at the Brisbane

These are some photos I took while I was back in Hobart for Christmas. I think a few people had the same idea and were also at the Brisbane getting pissed once the obligatory family gatherings had subsided.


The Frustrations played a reformation show which lasted an epic two and half hours. There are more of these in the Bands gallery

Hobart’s unofficial spokesman Andrew Harper telling us about his new facial hair projects.

Mess O’ Reds played first, they were proportionately brutal. Good new band, recently signed to Teakle’s Rough Skies Records label. You can listen to them by clicking here


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