Boxing Day at the Brisbane

These are some photos I took while I was back in Hobart for Christmas. I think a few people had the same idea and were also at the Brisbane getting pissed once the obligatory family gatherings had subsided.


The Frustrations played a reformation show which lasted an epic two and half hours. There are more of these in the Bands gallery

Hobart’s unofficial spokesman Andrew Harper telling us about his new facial hair projects.

Mess O’ Reds played first, they were proportionately brutal. Good new band, recently signed to Teakle’s Rough Skies Records label. You can listen to them by clicking here


A fellow ex-Tassie con, current Barwon pris member Pat Cross reacquainting himself with a cascade draught…and the guy in the hat is that guy I used to play sunday soccer with..

The D floor took a flogging after the bands finished. This is Ravi and Fi Doogs giving the D floor something to think about.

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