Byron Bay

I took an aeroplane to this place and these are the people I saw and the the things I saw.



Emilia and spanaz organising some local sunburn and thinking of coronas and fish and chips. A few days later we sat here and watched a 180KG mum hit the bundies at 10am as topless as the swedish backpackers down the beach. A younger guy walks over to meet her and says “you got your tits out again mum!’ and she replies with the profound explanation ‘it’s a free country isn’t it, that’s why I got my southern cross tattoo’. They were moving on that day. This photo below is taken by Josh Pringle.


J Pringle midway through one of his trademark burritos. Absolute endorsement of ozymex. Word is he even got big MP on them later. MP automatic appreciator. Then we all went to Minyon falls in the Hammer-&-Hand-mobile where we swam the shit out of the base of a waterfall. Then a huge eel came along and some of the others got scared, I stayed calm and built a crossbow which was later used to kill an off-course grizzly bear which was looking for eels so that was a good day.


Water activities. Byron Bay is good for fishing, surfin’, gettin’ chix, snorklin’, going to the pool, doin’ dives, carvin’ and hangin’ ten.








Thomas took me up in a hot air ballon for the primary reason that he’s a bonafide player. Here’s me using the barbed wire fence as a tripod.


We left from old mate jimeny crickets paddock at about 6am. You can see his house in the background, we were in the foreground.


One of Thomas’ employees drove this beast around as a job. I can’t remember his name now because he wasn’t Thomas but he knew how to keep it real in every situation. Thomas wasn’t too accustomed to dealing with amateurs.


Lift off. All the rocket propellant was just out of frame but we were speeding through the atmosphere.





Mountains to the ocean bitches!


Trees, generally being a nuisance like usual.


The VH-DZQ pretending it knows what’s up. We went straight over it and then we had quiche lorraine and champagne for something to do. Needless to say the DZQ got none.


Homies, dogs, lets roll. Build some mofuckin sandcastles!


Wait mofucker, you gots to go!


Iron Dad championships final.


A general display of European dominance reflected from the course of history to our beaches today.


Aaron’s in full form. Tranquil getaway 101.



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  1. emmaMarch 13, 2011 at 3:11 pm #

    I really really love these photos.

    • Isaac PanaretosMarch 13, 2011 at 6:29 pm #

      thanks emma, you’ve just taken the first comment trophy. you’re pretty alright you know!

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