Jazz and Olly’s Wedding

There was unusual excitement on the morning of Jazz and Olly’s wedding day. It was the first real wedding for some of us, but there was also a feeling, somehow reminiscent to the first day of school holidays. We couldn’t wait to go outside and do everything together right now and not go home until we had to.

As we arrived with tents and bottles and clothes spilling from our arms, I noticed Olly standing by the entrance with all the composure in the world, chest inflated and shoes perfectly white. I began to breathe as I congratulated the groom and looked up to the welcoming gumtrees and late afternoon sunlight. This was the beginning of Jazz and Olly’s day.

Casey and Gabby




Monty and Mikaela


Jazz and Olly Signing 3

Jazz and Olly Signing 1

Olly and Monty

Equipment: Konica Hexar AF / Ektar 100 film


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