Josh and Lindsay’s Wedding: Part 2

It can be hard to tell the kids from the grown-ups when everyone’s having a good time. The people you haven’t seen in years are like school mates after a summer holiday. And how good is it to be back together playing four square before the bell goes off. It’s ok though, we’re older now, we can pace ourselves. Especially when the Cascade lagers in the bath tub never end, and when another log on the fire won’t hurt anyone here. But finally the bell did ring – and as it did, the sun broke out to warm our fingers.

The Bride and Parents

The Crew

The Flowers

The Brother

The Groom


The Kid

The Driver

Equipment: Konica Hexar AF / Kodak Tri-X

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  1. Angela PanaretosSeptember 18, 2016 at 8:31 pm #

    Great people studies son!
    Love the variety of expressions.
    Mum likes.

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