Kythira: Part 1

Athens was battling a war of desperation when I arrived this year. Although, when I made it to Kythira, that great afternoon cloud still blew in from the west. The fennel plants still went to seed on time, and the cats slept in the shade of olive trees. I unpacked my bag that would last me seven weeks, and checked the fig trees for the first signs of fruit.

Fourni, Kythira

Casey, Kombonada, Kythira-1

Lykodimou, Kythira

Kaladi, Kythira

Kantilaki, Agia Pelagia, Kythira

Casey, Kaladi, Kythira

Goat, Potamos, Kythira

Equipment: Nikon F4 / 28-105mm lens / Polarising filter / Red filter / TRI-X film

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